Easter in Germany: a Happy Time!

What I like the most about Germany is how people here really enjoy every season. In Brazil, Rio to be more specific, I felt we had summer all year long except for about 3 colder months (June, July and August), when the temperatures can drop until 15°C at night. But it´s definitely not only about the weather and the changing colors of nature. Germany celebrates the arrival of every season with festivals, fairs and house decoration items. Talk about a party enthusiast! I actually really enjoy visiting my in-laws during different times of the year, so I can take a tour around the house and find articles specific for every festivity!

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5 (of the many!) Instagrammable Coffee Shops in NY

Let´s get one think out of the way already: I don´t drink coffee. I have nothing against it, I actually have tried to become a coffee drinker. The thing is…my stomach had other plans, always giving me terrible pains after a couple of sips. Luckily, he had nothing against tea or sweets so…YAY, I can still have fun at Coffee Shops. In fact, visiting cute Cafés that offer a relaxing atmosphere and delicious goodies became my favorite thing to do. It is also a great way to start your day slow outside the hotel when visiting another city. Read More

My top 5 Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

One thing that gets me reaaaally excited is to give recommendations about my city to first-timers. Since there´s nothing that I like to do more than EAT, making lists of restaurants for friends to go check them out once they are there is a bittersweet task. Though one part of me is really happy that I´m passing on useful information, the other one is just kicking and screaming thinking about all the food I´m missing out!

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The calmness of Lake Como!

There are a few things I look for in a romantic vacation: tranquility, good wine, delicious food, nature and, of course, a view. Yep, I´m quite demanding when it comes to romance, lol. Still, there are some places in this world which hit all of these notes easily and offer even more.  Lake Como is definitely one of them. Read More

Around Trier in less than 2 Minutes!

For some reason, German language books for foreign students are obsessed with Trier. In all the dialogues I could remember, there was a student from Trier. “What´s up with this place?”, I used to ask my teacher. He said it was a popular city with an University dating from the 15th century. Additionally, he said it was the birthplace of Karl Marx. Sounded promising!

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5 Places to eat in Key West that you cannot miss!

Continuing the sunny post from last week about Key West, today I would like to recommend a few places you won´t regret to visit for a bite (or two) while in the island! First, this needs to be said: there are plenty of restaurants there and, from our experience, their overall quality is pretty good. With such flavorful Caribbean influences and fresh seafood pouring from Its ports every day, it is indeed hard to have bad food in Key West. However, the prices can be quite high…

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Key West: Florida´s unpretentious South

Do you know what I like to do when it´s winter in Germany and a fluffy onesie, a cover and two cats seem to not be warming me up enough?  Yeah, a cup of hot chocolate wouldn´t be bad, by no means. But what I really like to do is to reminisce about summer destinations, hoping it will ignite some heartwarming feelings.

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Are you a responsible Tourist?

“Likes” are this century´s new currency. You can buy them, earn them, trade them, lose them…every action with a direct consequence to your social media status. In times when likes dictate who are the ones ruling the virtual world, people are doing anything for them. Unfortunately, the environment seems to be the one paying the price, since travels to exotic places are definitely a “likes magnet”. Ever seen somebody posing by the side of a full-grown lion? Or holding a fancy drink in a plastic cup on a boat? If you liked these pictures, I hope you think differently by the end of this article 😉

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5 Romantic Cities in Germany

THE day is definitely here…The most loved or hated one, depending on your current relationship status or how you see this occasion. The day when love is not only in the air but, really, everywhere you look around. Gosh, I wish Paul Young wasn´t this right during this time of the year… Read More

Some pretty cool Disney Restaurants!

Every trip to Disney World is different. My first vacation there was all about the attractions and the characters. Food was just something I had to eat really fast in between attractions to keep me alive and running around. But things definitely started to change from my third visit on.  Isn´t it interesting how the older you get, the higher you score food in your list of priorities? Food starts to, actually, be a synonym for “fun”. And nobody does “fun” as good as Disney, right?!

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