Monthly Archives: September 2018

Six Places to have a Glass of Wine in the California Wine Region

– By Vivi Morg #1 Language: English 🇺🇸 After watching the movies A Walk in the Clouds and Sideways, the wine regions of Sonoma and Napa Valley entered my travel bucket list. I mean, what´s not to like? There is lots of great quality wine, a beautiful and quiet countryside, charming little towns, romantic hotels…everything […]

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New Zealand Itinerary

– By Vivi Morg #1 Language: English 🇺🇸 Last week I wrote about one of the best experiences we had in New Zealand: visiting Hobbiton! So, today I thought it could be interesting for people planning a trip there to take a look at our itinerary in the Northern Island of New Zealand.

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HOBBITON – All you need to know! * contains tour spoilers!*

– By Vivi Morg #1 Language: English 🇺🇸 I was organizing my Instagram stories this week and by re-watching them I realized it was definitely time to talk about a place in this Earth (or should I say Middle Earth?) that is very special: Hobbiton!

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