Monthly Archives: March 2019

The calmness of Lake Como!

There are a few things I look for in a romantic vacation: tranquility, good wine, delicious food, nature and, of course, a view. Yep, I´m quite demanding when it comes to romance, lol. Still, there are some places in this world which hit all of these notes easily and offer even more.  Lake Como is […]

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Around Trier in less than 2 Minutes!

For some reason, German language books for foreign students are obsessed with Trier. In all the dialogues I could remember, there was a student from Trier. “What´s up with this place?”, I used to ask my teacher. He said it was a popular city with an University dating from the 15th century. Additionally, he said […]

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5 Places to eat in Key West that you cannot miss!

Continuing the sunny post from last week about Key West, today I would like to recommend a few places you won´t regret to visit for a bite (or two) while in the island! First, this needs to be said: there are plenty of restaurants there and, from our experience, their overall quality is pretty good. […]

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