Monthly Archives: April 2019

Easter in Germany: a Happy Time!

What I like the most about Germany is how people here really enjoy every season. In Brazil, Rio to be more specific, I felt we had summer all year long except for about 3 colder months (June, July and August), when the temperatures can drop until 15°C at night. But it´s definitely not only about […]

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5 (of the many!) Instagrammable Coffee Shops in NY

Let´s get one think out of the way already: I don´t drink coffee. I have nothing against it, I actually have tried to become a coffee drinker. The thing is…my stomach had other plans, always giving me terrible pains after a couple of sips. Luckily, he had nothing against tea or sweets so…YAY, I can […]

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My top 5 Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

One thing that gets me reaaaally excited is to give recommendations about my city to first-timers. Since there´s nothing that I like to do more than EAT, making lists of restaurants for friends to go check them out once they are there is a bittersweet task. Though one part of me is really happy that […]

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