Around Trier in less than 2 Minutes!

For some reason, German language books for foreign students are obsessed with Trier. In all the dialogues I could remember, there was a student from Trier. “What´s up with this place?”, I used to ask my teacher. He said it was a popular city with an University dating from the 15th century. Additionally, he said […]

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The Merriest Time of the Year

Because of vacation (which is the best excuse to have!), I wasn´t able to post here for a while ☹ But I´m coming back with my all-time favorite subject of the year: Christmas Markets!!

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Living in a small town in Germany

#1 Language: English 🇺🇸 -By Vivi Morgado When people ask me where do I live in Germany, I often say “Frankfurt”. But that´s just a way to avoid saying the name of our small town and hearing back “what?!”. Well, just like everywhere in the world, living in a main city here has become very […]

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