The Merriest Time of the Year

Because of vacation (which is the best excuse to have!), I wasn´t able to post here for a while ☹ But I´m coming back with my all-time favorite subject of the year: Christmas Markets!!

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Why Wroclaw?

This is the question I get asked every single time I tell people I have lived in Poland. The frown deepens when I tell I picked Wroclaw amongst far more well-known choices as Copenhagen or Vienna. “Vivi, whyyyy?!”

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10 ideas of souvenirs to take back home from Germany

– By Vivi Morgado #1 Language: English 🇺🇸 Traveling is all about experiences and the unforgettable memories we collect, right? If you are lucky, some of these moments will be captured in pictures while others will be fondly kept in our minds. The special thing about souvenirs though, is that they have a way of […]

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