Why Wroclaw?

This is the question I get asked every single time I tell people I have lived in Poland. The frown deepens when I tell I picked Wroclaw amongst far more well-known choices as Copenhagen or Vienna. “Vivi, whyyyy?!”

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Farmers´ Market in Frankfurt

 – by Vivi Morgado #1 Language: English 🇺🇸 Sometimes we need a little push to try something new, right? It´s been a few years I passed by the farmers´market in Frankfurt on Saturdays, but I was never curious enough to actually stop by and take a look. It´s not that the market didn´t seem attractive. […]

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10 Places to eat in Singapore

-By Vivi Morgado #1 Language: English 🇺🇸 Singapore has many interesting attractions to visit as we pointed out here. But, out of all of the things to do, eating there was what we enjoyed the most. If you love food like we do, you will understand it once you set food, I mean, foot, in […]

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